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                                                                                        About Us
  Celebrating over 25 years of developing exceptional products has brought us to our most extensive product line ever. For 2017 we are continuing to lead the Way with Aerospace grade precision manufacturing and offering the Largest Selection of Vibration free Stabilizers the world has ever seen. 

  In 1992 Bill Leven took archery stabilizers to a new level of performance with his company Precision Balance’s all carbon target stabilizers and perfectly balance hunting stabilizers. What made the products stand above all others was a little elastomer polymer at the distal end that held weights. At first many thought bill was out of his mind with the design, but as soon as he put it in archers hands, the results spoke for them self immediately with smiles on archers faces.
  With in a very short time Precision Balance was on his way to becoming a leader in the stabilizer industry with it’s innovative products that archers world wide were setting new records with. As Precision Balance was growing as a company, so were the products being produced. In 1996 the stabilizer took it’s first Gold Medal at the Atlanta City Olympics, Justin Huish took the Gold in the individual and team event. A number of years later Precision balance yet again took another leap forward in design with the creation of the Doinker, round ball like all rubber type Dampener that suspended weights from it, virtually eliminating all vibration left over from the shot of the bow.
  At this time the company had been seeing extreme growth and the decision to take a different direction with the company came about. Leven Industries Incorporated was then created with its primary product being Doinker Stabilizers. By early 2000 Doinker had become an internationally known Stabilizer that continued to set new world records non-stop and was a favorite among Bowhunters, helping them harvest trophy animals on every continent.
  In 2008 Leven Ind.Inc/Doinker yet again made a big change in hard times and decided to take as many manufacturing operations in house to better deal with the growing demand of the products and also take the quality to an even higher level. The decision to expand was made and in late 2008 Leven Ind.Inc/Doinker bought a nice brand new, big factory in a totally different city in the Lancaster, California area. The purpose of this larger facility was to house and operate the equipment and staff needed to bring Doinker’s manufacturing demands to a higher level.
  In July 2009 we received our first 30 foot SWISS CNC Turning center that would machine all of the metal parts in our products. In a very short time we realized that one machine just wasn’t enough to keep up with the demands we were experiencing and with the new products for the future year we knew we needed to do something, so January 2010 we received our second 30 foot SWISS CNC Turning center. Now with these two monster machines we were able to advance Doinker technology even higher level in 2010 with the creation of the most advanced Doinker yet, the (Patent pending) Fully Adjustable Doinker Supreme that utilized a tunable machined metal housing that allowed archers to tune the amount of vibration dampening capabilities. The new Doinker Supreme’s wide range of adjustments and options quickly became a favorite with all archers and gave us a platform that would accept other Doinker Patent Pending Technologies that include the Doinker D.I.S.H. Conversion Kits.
  At this point we had all machining in house, our next challenge was to bring as much of the metal finishing process in house as we strive to have consistent finishes with each batch. In February 2010 we received our Large Vibratory tumbler that with the combination of different medias, we were able to get the desired finish we needed. Within two months our machining capabilities were at maximum production, with just one large Finishing Tumbler we were unable to keep up with our finishing demands. In April 2010 we purchased three more identical large vibratory tumblers to allow us to exceed production demands.
  It was in April 2010 Leven/Doinker brought yet another major process in house with the purchase of a very large Hydrographic's/Liquid Immersion Camo dipping facility along with a full Spray booth to apply base and clear coat to all of our camo products. At first it was quickly realized how tricky this type of camo application was to do but now we are proud to say that consumers call our products some of the finest camo products out there. By the end of 2010 Doinker was running with all in house operation like a finely tuned machine, and our products popularity was at an all time high.
  Doinker brought in 2011 with the largest Archery Stabilizer line in the world that included it’s new innovative Platinum Hi-Mod Target stabilizers, Doinker D.I.S.H. Hunter & Mini, Platinum Mounts and the next step in Doinker evolution…GEN 5 Doinker. Even with the worlds challenging economic times, Doinker continued to grow with it’s success and celebrated the best sales and production month dating back to 1992 in April 2011, shipping out just over $100,000.00 more in product then it’s prior record. Even though 2011 had it’s economic challenges for everyone, Leven/Doinker kept growing as a company and in October 2011 started an new sister company…LEVCO.CO.
  LEVCO is an aerospace precision machined parts company that makes parts for the US government. Due to the nature of LEVCO’s products it is producing for the US Government, it has helped Leven/Doinker take its products to an even Higher level of Adjustable Precision.
  2015 was a truly amazing year for Doinker Archery, we were blessed to have one of the most successful shooting staffs in the entire industry. Team Doinker won or podium on just about every major World Wide event.....helping to prove to other archers globally that our products do as they were designed to. Performance......No Gimmicks is not only our current slogan, but fact based from the results world wide. In 2015 Doinker Archery introduced the Worlds Smallest Diameter and Strongest stabilizer ..... The Hero Ultra Hi-Mod. Yet again we raised the bar in regards to performance with countless wins for the Hero Stabilizer system!
  Many great things came from Doinker in 2016! We released our ALL NEW Line of amazingly strong and fully adjustable Mighty Mounts and Mighty Mount Mini line as well as our ALL NEW Patented Flex Plates that eliminate a tremendous amount of unwanted vibrations from your bow and accessories.

  2017 looks to be yet another amazing year with NEW INNOVATIONS like our eXo Doinker.....the next generation of Vibration Dampening products, taking best qualities from our Doinker Supreme and A-Bomb Doinker and Blending them into something amazing!
  Leven/Doinker is proud to Celebrate it’s 25 years in business in 2017 by continuing to lead cutting edge stabilizer designs with our innovative products but not limited to just our products, in fact Leven/Doinker licenses it’s Doinker Technology to many other top Archery companies like Elite Archery and Fuse stabilizers, Shrewd Archery, helping to take out unwanted vibration from their products. We at Leven/Doinker are looking forward to many more great years of Stabilization and can’t wait to see where archers take us into the future! 

Shoot Straight and Doink On!!!! 
From the entire family at Doinker